SCH Grand, in partnership with the Association of Independent Creators, organizes the inaugural edition of The Grand Heritage – the first project in Romania that puts Romanian traditional art where it is, in the top of international manufactures, in the near future next to the craftsmanship. Authentic Romanian art is, in essence, a craft perfected in centuries, by the most passionate of us, the ones endowed with a native talent to transform the banal into exceptional.

The opening event took place on November 23 in The Grand Avenue, in the presence of many guests, who were able to admire the technique of processing glass, clay or wool from those folk masters who probably have the more beautiful stories about our traditional art. Also, those present could taste the best Romanian products, offered by the partners of the event, who have prepared culinary delicacies according to recipes hundreds of years old. Together with the invited guests, Iuliana Tudor, well-known TV designer and TV presenter, was one of the most supportive of our folk traditions, reiterating the idea that we have a moral duty to preserve and transmit to future generations all these elements that define the spirit and authentic Romanian character. Elena Kuji Buteică, representative of the Association of Independent Creators, argued that the approach of supporting traditional values ​​must be found in each of us: “The soul of the Romanian people is represented by these craftsmen who are perfect in their art. They value our history, traditions and teach us to preserve the living and unaltered beauty now and in the future. We have a rich culture, a precious legacy that deserves our attention and dedication to perpetuate it for many years to come. ”

The most exciting moment of the day was the mini-recital of the sound chorus Vesele, a group made up of children, who sang a few songs collected and adapted from the Romanian folklore. The popular artists present at The Grand Heritage are the following:

· Ioan Alexandru Rotar from Târgu Mureş, Mureş County, is a glass artist and popular craftsman for whom glass has no secret anymore. He has a fantastic talent and manages to transform this material into the most spectacular objects, many products being made locally: glass figures, globes of all sizes, utensils, pens and many more.

· Constantin Mischiu from Horezu, Vâlcea County, is a popular craftsman and creative craftsman, specialized in Horezu ceramics, which is included by UNESCO in the Immaterial Cultural Patrimony

·Antoinette Nadu from Bechet, Dolj county, is a popular and creative artist of traditional art, specializing in the technique of Oltenian carpets, made of natural wool, after old catastrophes and integrating authentic Romanian motifs. The traditional weaving technique of traditional Romanian rugs, known as ‘bark’, was included in UNESCO’s patrimony as part of the Immaterial Cultural Patrimony of Humanity, on the National Day of Romania, on 1 December 2016.

· Ileana Hotopilă from Ulma, Suceava County, is a craftsman and popular artist, specializing in soiled or “withered” eggs, as they are known in the Bucovina area. An extremely talented woman, with grace from God and the desire to pass on the technique she has learned since she was ten years old when she first painted her egg. Today, he makes eggs for Easter, but also for Christmas, where he works all year round.

· Ecaterina Diulescu from Craiova, Dolj County, is a teacher who gave up the chair to devote herself to the passion of knitting. Hence, until he led a genuine knitwear workshop with traditional Romanian motifs, there was only one step. Today, Ecaterina and her team are specialized in sweaters and unique pieces that go into private collections around the world.

· Jorj and Olimpia Dimitru, from Bucharest, have discovered the passion for late pottery, but their love for clay has made them perfect in a very short time, and today they are known all over the world for the works that come out of their hands. She works on a manual potter wheel, which she turns around alone when shaping ceramics, because that is how I feel every detail of the object I make. The clay is a special one, brought from Cristuru Secuiesc, being prepared by a specialist in the field, so that the pots, bells and all kinds of other ceramic items they make to last as long as possible.

· Mariana Lăcrămioara Ionescu from Piteşti, Arges County, is a popular artist, a traditional artist, specialized in textile and embroidery. Sub-Carpathian areas Argeş and Muscel excel through the embroidery technique with a wide variety of points. Mariana’s works are based on the technique of the shawl or the helmet. First, yarns are drawn, their number being closely related to the complexity of the decorative motifs to be worked. The decor is then made with cotton yarn, or silk, in the color of the background or in colorful yarns. Finally, there is another old technique – hand-crocheted lace, the motives used being geometrical, floral and vegetal.

· Mihaela Moldoveanu from Bucharest is a popular craftsman fascinated by the Romanian language, who constantly works to pay homage to this piece of clothing deeply rooted in the authentic Romanian spirit. Photo gallery:

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