The MICHAEL KORS brand entered Romania in 2015. In Bucharest there are two shops of the designer of the same name. One of these is in the gallery on the ground floor of the J.W. Marriott (Bucharest), the other is in the Mall Băneasa (Bucharest).

If you have not visited the Michael Kors stores so far, I recommend that you do it.

The American brand occupies an important place in the fashion industry and the Romanians have begun to discover it with its appearance in Romania.

I discovered the MK universe long before he arrived in Romania. Passionate about fashion, trends, stories, not simple logos you or yours should have, it’s just cool, I’ve been looking to see the story and the man behind the brand. And I admit, I fell in love from the first moment.

The moment I had in my hand my first product Michael Kors was the confirmation of what would become “a lifetime relationship.” I will tell you something below and what the quality of the MK products really means. Up there, let me briefly tell you the story.


The famous designer was born on 9 August 1959 in Long Island, New York. At age 18, she made the decision to move to New York after realizing she wanted to follow the Institute of Fashion and Technology there. After only two semesters he gave up, fascinated much more than the city’s life. MK launched her first women’s collection in 1981.

The former first lady of America, Michelle Obama, wore a dress designed by Kors for her first official portrait.

Michael experienced the catwalk experience himself, while adolescence was a model. In fact, the passion for this fascinating world has developed from the family, its mother being also a model. In fact, he has appeared in several national campaigns.

Where does the name come from? 

The designer’s biological parents divorced when he was young and at five years old, his mother announced that he was remarried. Dad would become businessman Bill Kors.

The little man wanted to have his name, and so it happened. And with the consent of her mother she changed her first names. From Karl Anderson Jr. became Michael David Kors.

At the age of 5, I created the first dress What is really impressive is that at only five years, Michael created her mother’s wedding dress. Pretentious from the time he was only a child, he was not delighted at what the original dress looked like.

So he recreated his design.The kid then had so much talent that it was easy to impress, and so did the most important dress created in his life: that of his mother.

“Marriage has not resisted, but the photos are then invaluable,” Michael Kors said later.

As time went by, Michael absorbed all the information in the field of fashion, everything she was in her hand was reading with thirst.

“Virtually every month, when the new Voque issue appeared, I was hyperventile and I was crazy to go shopping,” says the designer.

In 1978 he engaged in the French store Lothar, where he was allowed to design and sell his first fashion collection. That was when he realized he wanted more, that he wanted to take a step forward and show how brilliant he is.He started building his own brand in his apartment.

She had some hooked sewing machines, she was all she could afford then, but she had so much creativity and ambition not to think about giving up. Simple yet elegant, firm design, combined with much determination, have been the ingredients for a successful future.

Participated in small fashion shows, private presentations of the collection. At the age of 23 she meets Anna Wintour, a fashion editor for New York Magazine, then Vogue editor, and convinces her to show him his fashion collection – exposed on the bed in his apartment.

What followed was to climb the steps of success. There have been a lot of prizes for his creations and celebrity fans have not been late. In 1990 he experimented with everything: success, financial problem and return.

He launched the Kors Michael line, and at that time he also became director of creation at Celine, a French fashion house.

In 2002 he launched the men’s line under his brand for a year later to leave Celine and dedicate exclusively to his brand.

In 2004 he launched the Michael and Kors lines, at slightly more affordable prices, containing garments, bags, shoes and jeans.

Even if his sexual orientation is different, Michael’s love for women is visible, he feels in every collection that has been released. And here I want to tell you how MK’s experience is.

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It is enough to receive, buy, the first article that bears his signature to hyperventilate you, as he said, talking about his passion for fashion developed since childhood.

The cans are made with a lot of attention to detail, the design is classic, young and stylish at the same time. A bag carrying the Michael Kors signature is a statement for femininity for absolute refinement.

It’s not a simple accessory to a maid, whatever it is, it’s just the element that complements you, which puts it in your value and turns you into a fashion icon. As for clothes, well, here I would still tell you about a few dozen pages and do not exaggerate.

The materials are of the highest quality, they are resistant in time and in a word, they are WOW. Cashmere sweaters, fine silk blouses, hot winter jackets, but so trendy fashion trends, super cool jeans are an experience that will be transformed into a lifestyle.

Because that’s Michael Kors. A lifestyle. It is the style of a modern, independent woman, the strong woman who does not need to overcome, the woman who does not need to be vulgar to attract attention, the woman who chooses not to be afraid to show the world exactly as she is.