Life is often a strange way to tell you that she knows what your way is, but lets you wander just to amuse you or to let you actually gather experiences that will be more late for use.

When he’s ready to put in your hands the most beautiful gift: your own destiny. So it was with Julian.

He is one of the Romanians who have conquered the world’s catwalks one after the other.

His journey did not reach even half, but it was quickly noticed and the appreciations were not delayed. It’s the name that great designers wanted from other hundreds, is the figure that celebrity photographers wanted to surrender in all its states in photos that cut your breath away.

Beyond being an attractive, charismatic, joyful, charming and sociable man, Iulian is a modesty that you rarely get to meet from a certain professional level. Smiles with native elegance, speaks both to make you curious to want to know and without getting tired.

It is professional and this is read from a distance even by an amateur. He studied theology, worked in accounting, then in the auto field, and later on his passion for photography to carry him on board a cruise ship where he worked as a photographer.

And since then, those around him have seen the potential of being model and not a dozen. One who had all the points to get out quickly in the front line.

What followed was work, change, adaptation, and discovery. So, the Romanian man came to discover his best version. And the upgrade came with every new project he received.

In 2014, Iulian Damaschin was awarded the title – Best Male Model World – in Spain.