The Fitbit Charge 2 experience is certainly one that you do not want to give up even for a day. I have to admit, I was skeptical at first. I thought I’d be bored three days later, and I’d give up. It was not like that. After the first 24 hours I became good friends. I was always curious to see how many steps I had taken, how many calories I burned in a single day, but by far the most exciting I felt to find out how bad or bad I was sleeping.

With Fitbit Charge 2, I started to make more movement. And believe me, this bracelet really makes you move, more than you normally did. You’re gonna say, yeah, okay. It’s just a gadget. Well, it’s not exactly a gadget. It is a lifestyle. It’s the gadget that makes you more responsible for yourself. And I think it’s the highest quality of this bracelet.

What does Fitbit Charge 2 do?

Monitor the number of steps, km and calories consumed. PurePulse – monitors 24 of 24 heart rate.

Sleep Stages – is an exciting feature. It helps you see how well you sleep at night, and why, if you still have many hours of sleep, you do not feel rested. You can see when you are awake, even if you are not aware of how long you spend in REM, Light & Deep Sleep. All this information you see in the Fitbit app, if you sleep with your bracelet.

Smart Track Recognition – the bracelet automatically recognizes the sports you are doing (from running, to BIKing etc.) and automatically records your activity and results during the exercise in the Fitbit application. Get notifications on the bracelet when someone rings you, when you get an SMS or when you have a calendar appointment (if it is a Google based calendar) Cross connectivity with iOS, Android and Windows Phone The battery has a range of up to 7 days. Fitbit Charge 2 is the kind of gadget you do not have to miss at the gym. It constantly monitors your pulse so you can see when you need to slow the pace of exercise or when to work harder.

To test the efficiency of the bracelet in the fitness room, I took a training session with Robert Davidenco, a personal fitness coach at World Class Mall Park Park Lake.

It’s a training you can do yourself in the fitness room, using less of your appliances and more of the strength of your own body.

Depending on the body and the intensity with which you perform the exercises you can burn up to 800 calories in a 45-minute workout.

The shorter the breaks, the more chances you can burn more calories. It is a complete workout that works for all muscle groups so the effectiveness of this type of training is high.

Below, my report for a whole day