Her name is Andreea Tina Gheorghiu, a Romanian woman who has been established for many years in London and has succeeded in becoming one of the most appreciated entrepreneurs in the UK fitness industry.

Specialized in Marketing and PR in Romania, but very enthusiastic at an early age of sports (gymnastics, tennis, volleyball and mountaineering), Andreea Tina Gheorghiu decided to combine the two great passions in London founded the Pro Body Styling company, which managed to propel it shortly in the top of the most sought-after fitness halls in the UK.

Andreea Tina Gheorghiu, a member of ELITE Business Women, is renowned as a training force for strength, conditioning and fat loss, being prepared by some of the most demanding professionals in the world. Besides, hard work was rewarded by winning the 1st place of the World Beauty Fitness & Fashion title at Danish Show in 2014, one of the most prestigious European competitions.

How did he earn his reputation in the UK?

The romanian entrepreneur has gained its reputation in London thanks to a complex strategy applied to the Britons who break the threshold of the fitness room, which makes it unique in its field: it perfectly combines sports training, psychology and diet for expected results. Also, Andreea Tina Gheorghiu promotes the clinical testing of all new clients so that she can develop a diet plan for each individual. 

“I have never been discriminated that I am Romanian”

At the same time, the Romanian woman has never felt discriminated against in Britain because of her nationality, because she has always been appreciated for performance and seriousness.

“I can not speak on behalf of other compatriots who live in the UK, but I personally have never encountered any problems because of my nationality, which I never venture to highlight in any contest I attend.

Even at the gym that I coordinate, there are several flags of Romania, and no client or partner has considered this offensive. I was even asked several times about my country and about the real performers that Romania gave the planet. If you are serious, you are doing your job well and you are of great benefit to the community that has adopted you, integration will be easy and nationality will never be relevant, “concludes Andreea Tina Gheorghiu, founder of Pro Body Styling and Sport Pro Fitness.

(Info source: Plus Communication/Elite Business Woman)