It is the magic wand behind the divine creations. She is the man whose stories tell stories: the story of a strong, attractive woman, a refined elegance, or the story of an ingenuous woman wrapped in mystery and sensuality.

And there are only two of the dozens of stories written by Claudiu through his sketches then turned into dresses. His emotions and joy feels when you wear what comes from his hands and his imagination and the feeling is unique. The dress sticks to your skin as if it were actually cut for your soul.

The heavy material perfectly embraces the shapes, comforts your arms, covers your sensual hips and gives an overdose to femininity. Cute ones fit perfectly, fine cuts emphasize everything that is most beautiful of you.

With your eyes closed, you sit in front of the mirror as a glad kid to discover the surprise, the breathing of emotion, your fingers fretting, but the moment. It’s almost unreal the feeling the dress gives you.

What’s special, you wonder, why so many experiences of material. You walk your palms and feel it so fluid and full and as if you are so busy living. Enough, impatience no longer gives you peace, lightly open your eyes and surprise you as you have not seen before, though you have dressed other hundreds of dresses up until then.

And you know that she is your chosen one that you will show to the world, letting her dress you up in the story. You are the most beautiful “TU” and you look it through millions of smiles and stars in your sight.

And it feels good. Looking back, admiringly but discreetly from the women who wished to wear it, pressed, but without any traces of vulgarity from the gentlemen. The diffused light shapes you in an uncompromising refinement and you know that you made the best choice.

Every dress created by Claudiu Bătăşoiu is a story of absolute femininity. He is silent, likes to talk more through fine lines, perfect cuts and colors. He always smiles, he’s warm and gets you into his universe without hesitation.

He reads you quickly and knows how to make the perfect choice for you. This is the experience of Exquisite By Constantine, the brand created by Claudiu Bătăsoiu.

I have ever worn two of the Exquisite By Constantine creations, and all that I have written above is my experience. With emotions written so beautiful by Claudiu by what he created.


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About Claudiu Bătăşoiu and the Exquisite By Constantine brand I will tell you again. Until then, you can visit